Best Way To Reset Or Change Your Spotify Password

Best way to reset or change your Spotify password on android and pc

If you have forgotten your Spotify account password or you want to change Spotify password, then in both conditions, this article is going very helpful for you. First of all, it is important to understand that both conditions’ solutions are different. Firstly, if you have forgotten your password then you will need to reset your Spotify password. Secondly, if you think that your account is not secure or you are deciding to use an alternate password, then you will need to change your current password and enter a new password.

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How to change Spotify password on android?

In order to change your Spotify password on an Android phone you have to open Spotify in your browser. This is because the Spotify password-changing feature is not available in the android app. Follow the below step-by-step guide for changing your Spotify password.

  1. First of all, open Spotify in your web browser, then click on the top right-corner burger menu and click on the login.
spotify android app password changing step one

2. Enter your email and password and login to your account. Then click on the setting icon in the above right corner. After this, choose the “account overview” option.

second step of changing android spotify  mobile app password

3. Tap on the change password option and put your current password and set a new password. In the end, click on the below set new password button. Finally, your Spotify password has been changed

How to reset Spotify passwords on android phones?

If you are unable to login into your apostasy account then you will need to reset your Spotify password. The process of resetting the password is very easy. Follow the below steps and your password will be reset.

  • Open your mobile browser and go to the login page. Then, press the login button.
spotify password reset on android
  • Since it will not login without credentials. Put your email and click on ‘forgot password”. A password reset link will be sent to your given email. Open the email and simply reset the Spotify password on your android phone.
reset spotify password on android

How To Change Spotify Password on PC/Windows?

Like most Spotify users if you are also using it on your Android or IOS device, then you should know that there is not any facility for changing or resetting Spotify passwords on an Android Phone, iPhone, Tablet, or in Ipad. For changing or resetting Spotify password you have to visit the Spotify website through the web browser. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about it, you can easily reset your Spotify password at Everyone can use this link on web browsers both on Mobile devices and desktop computers. On the official website, Spotify users have the facility to change passwords.

Step#01:- First, visit this link  and open Spotify website in your web browser. Put your current Spotify password and email and log in to the account for which you want to change the password.

login to spotify account for chnaging spotify password on pc

Step#02:-  Secondly, click on your profile in the upper right corner, then click on account.

Step#03:- Thirdly, In the left-hand sidebar, Click on the “Change Password” option located at the third number from top to bottom.

Step#04:- Fourthly, Put your current password in the first box ( it is the password that you used while creating an account ). Now, to change your Spotify account password, click the Set New Password button.

change spotify password on pc and windows

Finally, your Spotify account password has been changed and you can again change it with this method. When your password is changed, a confirmation email and notification message will appear.

It is recommended to keep your account safe while you are using Spotify. Spotify gives its users the facility to change and reset passwords anytime, for any need. So, whether you are using Spotify free plan or a premium plan, you can easily reset your Spotify password. These steps of instructions will help you in changing Spotify password whether you are using an Android device, a Mac, or a windows computer.

The Best Way To Reset Spotify Password

As we mention in the first paragraph, if you have forgotten your Spotify password then you need to reset it. The process of resetting your Spotify password is very easy and you can do this easily with the below-mentioned steps.

Step#01:- First of all, visit this link  in your web browser. Then, enter the username of your Spotify account or the e-mail address associated with your Spotify account, and click the Send button.

Step#02:-  It will take about 30 seconds for Spotify to email you your username and a link for you to reset your password.

Step#03:- Click the Reset Password link in your email, enter a new password, repeat the new password, verify the captcha, and click send.

In this way, you can easily reset your Spotify password within a few minutes.

The Best Way To Choose A Strong Password

It is recommended to use a strong password that is safe from hackers. Try to write a long password that you can easily remember. Because if you will use a random password and it is possible that you will forget it in the future. A strong password consists of uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters. If you will write a password by putting these credentials then there is no chance that anyone can easily hack your account. It is advised not to share your password with others to keep your Spotify or any other social media accounts safe.

Two-step verification process

Your social media accounts are more secure with two-step verification. In two-step verification, A social media platform like Facebook will send you a verification code via message whenever you sign in to your account. Unfortunately, Spotify is not offering a two-step verification process till now. But in the future, it is possible that Spotify will also use it like other social media platforms which are using it for users’ security purposes.

Facebook Sign Up: Change Spotify Password?

If you have used Facebook while creating an account on Spotify and now you have forgotten your Spotify password. Then in this situation, you can follow the following steps and easily reset your Spotify password.

Step#01:- First of all, you will need to open your web browser and go to this page

Step#02:- In this step, you must enter the email address that is attached to your Facebook account, verify the captcha, and then click the send button.

Step#03:- After that, a Spotify password reset link will send to your given email address. Check the Email inbox, click on the link, put in your new password, and then tap the send button.

This is how you can change your Spotify password if you have signed up with Facebook.

How To Disconnect Facebook Account From Spotify?

  • In Windows, users can disconnect from Facebook by going to Edit > Preferences > Social Networks > Disconnect from Facebook.
  • The Mac user can disconnect from Facebook by going to Spotify > Preferences > Social Networks > Disconnect from Facebook.
  • Once you have done so, your Spotify account is no longer connected to Facebook, and you do not need to take any further action in this regard.

Occasionally, Facebook details (such as the People list) may remain visible due to data caching in your account. A clean, fresh reinstallation of the application can resolve the problem. And it will not affect your account.

In case, if you do not see the choice of connecting or disconnecting a face account from Spotify. Then,  it is possible that you are using a Facebook-built Spotify account rather than a dedicated Spotify official account.

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