How To Download Songs on Spotify For Offline on Android/IOS, PC?

How To Download Songs on Spotify For Offline on Android/IOS, PC

Are you planning to go on a hiking trip, take summer camping, or go on vacation for a long period? Then, you should not worry about your favorite music, albums, and spotify podcasts. Now, you can enjoy your music streams whether you are in an airplane, disconnected from the internet, or in a rustic cabin in the wood. If you are using spotify premium subscriptions on your android, ios, or pc devices then it will take only a few minutes to download spotify songs, playlists, or albums for playing them offline anywhere without any wifi, or internet facility. 

How to listen to Spotify songs offline on android phones?

In order to listen to songs offline on any android phone, first you need to download Spotify songs to play them offline later. However, if you don’t know how to download Spotify songs then there is no need to worry about it. In this paragraph, you will learn the easy process of downloading Spotify songs. So, follow the below steps and practically use them with your app.

spotify login on android device
  • Second, in the bottom right corner of Spotify’s home screen, click on the “Your library” option.
download spotify songs on android
click on “your library”
  • Third, select the playlist or albums which you want to download and make it offline.
  • Fourth, under the playlist title, you will see a downward arrow with a green background circle. Click on that download icon and your playlist or album will be started for downloading. When the Spotify playlist is downloaded, you will see the same download icon in front of the downloaded playlist. 
for downloading any playlist click on the green circle downward arrow.

finally, your songs/playlist has been downloaded. Now, if you want to play any playlist, you just need to open your library and click on the “Downloaded” option. You will see all albums that are downloaded. click on any playlist and enjoy Spotify music offline even if you do not an internet connection.

in order to play the music that is downloaded click on the top downloaded option.

How to download Spotify songs on a PC/MAC?

Most importantly, you must have a Spotify premium account for downloading any playlist to play offline. If you already subscribed to the Spotify premium plan then it is very good. But, if you still have not bought a subscription for Spotify premium then you can Download Spotify Premium Apk for Android, PC, or Mac devices free of cost. However, this application is not officially launched because developers have made it free for everyone. Although, this application has all features that a Spotify premium user enjoys after paying money.  

Follow the below guidelines in order to download Spotify songs on pc, laptop, or mac devices.

  • First of all, log in to your Spotify premium account on your pc or Macbook device.
login to spotify account on pc, desktop
  • In the left top corner, click on the “your library” option
download spotify playlist or albums on pc or mac
click “your library” in the top left corner
  • Now, select the playlist or album that you want to download
  • Next, tap on the download icon which is placed on the right side of a big green color play button. Finally, your Spotify playlist will start to download.
tap on the download button for downloading a playlist or albums on the Spotify PC app.
  • Equally important, to play your downloaded playlists or albums on a desktop or mac, click on the three horizontal dots in the top left corner. Now, select the file and choose “offline mod”
to play a downloaded playlist offline, select the offline mod from the top left three-dot horizontal menu.

Finally, you have done all and you can easily enjoy Spotify songs offline on pc or mac.

How to download spotify individual tracks on android?

If you want to download spotify songs one by one just like tracks. Then, you can do this on your both spotify android ios, and pc apps. However, for adding Spotify tracks individually to a playlist you will first need to create a playlist. If you have already created custom playlists then it is well. 

  • Now, select any song and open its menu.
  • Add the song to any playlist which you think is suitable for that song.
  • When you have added all the tracks into the playlist that you want to download. At last, open the spotify playlist and switch the download toggle on. It will download all the tracks that you have individually added to the playlist. And you can listen to it offline anywhere without an internet connection.
how to download spotify tracks on android


We hope that are known to download songs, playlists, podcasts, and albums on spotify. Moreover, you have learned how to make spotify music offline for enjoying it in those places where the internet cant go. Although, this feature is only available for premium users, and free plan users can only download spotify podcasts for offline listening. Furthermore, if you want to keep the downloads offline then you have to go online once every 30 days. This is so spotify needs some data to play any song offline. In the end, we wish you the best of luck and enjoy your favorite music without wifi, internet.

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